At School Appeals Services, we are both pleased and proud of our "Secure the School of your Choice" guide, We realise that in an area that most parents will be unfamiliar with, there will be many who will be interested in some 121 specialist and personal legal advice and guidance.

The Guide cannot obviously provide this, so we have introduced a scheme whereby two levels of personal advice and guidance are available at an affordable cost.

Before we outline to you the services on offer, you should be aware that you will be able to receive similar advice from a solicitor who will charge in the region of £200 per hour plus VAT. If you do go down this route, be careful and make sure that you get someone with Admission Appeal Hearing experience, not someone who has the right letters after their name and has read the law books ! 

So, how can SAS help those that require more than the Guide.

There are two ways in which parents can secure a more personal and detailed service.

Firstly, we can provide individual and personal advice relating to you and your child's personal circumstances at a one off telephone or Skype advice session. This consultation will be at a time convenient with you, where you are able to outline your child's circumstances and the relevant factors relating to your appeal. we will then give you initial legal advice and advise you on key points of your appeal, including what to focus on in your appeal submission and an assessment of your chances of success. Having successfully advised many parents throughout 2020, we have significant experience of all of the options available to schools / admission authorities due to the restrictions imposed on appeal hearings due to COVID 19. The cost of this consultation is at £89.99 (which includes a copy of the Guide sent to you in advance and an up to one hour consultation time). All prices for the Guide and 121 session are inclusive of VAT. Use the button below to pay instantly and securely using a debit or a credit card and you can soon be receiving advice and our Guide. Once payment has been made please contact us on: 01279 731 180 to book your one-to-one session with one of the Associates.

If you have any difficulties with the electronic payment method, simply give us a call and pay by debit or credit card over the phone. We can also accept a cheque. This should not delay your 121 consultation.

Parent Guide and 121 - £89.99

Secondly, SAS can provide a comprehensive from start to finish consultancy service for parents. This includes advice whenever you want it (we are available Saturday mornings, something your solicitor will not be!); liaising with the admission authority / school; researching, drafting and submitting your Grounds of Appeal and representing you at the Appeal Hearing if you wish. In short, you get an experienced professional handling your appeal and maximum chances of success. Call or email us for a competitive cost estimate. Don't think this type of representation is out of your reach - we do not charge solicitor rates !
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Please note we now accept all major credit and debit card payments over the telephone. Please call 01279 731 180 and have your card ready.


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