In recent years, we have been asked by many parents who having purchased and undertaken a 121 with one of our team, wanted more support and guidance throughout the appeal process, but did not necessarily want or could afford representation at one or even more appeal hearings.

For those clients, we developed what we call the coaching/mentoring service.

When we started this service around twelve years ago we were unsure as to how effective it would be, but have been very surprised that success rates for this service have almost equalled those for representation.  The service includes the following:-

  • The drafting or review of your appeal submission and evidence.
  • The provision of letters to the local education authority requesting information which will help you to formulate a case against the individual school/education authority.  (Usual information request is around 17 detailed points.)
  • Review and critique of the admission authority/school’s case against you prior to the hearing.
  • A two-hour meeting a few days before the hearing which includes:-
  • An explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of the local authority’s case.
  • A dress rehearsal of your presentation to the panel.
  • A role-play situation, the posing of questions to you that may come up on the day.

This particular service seems to fit many parents well and if you are interested in a price for such a service having had the 121, we would be more than happy to provide both verbal and written fixed-price quotations.

Testimonials in relation to the coaching service are provided in full on out “Testimonials” page on this website.

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