SEN Work

Parents often encounter numerous difficulties when trying to secure the right level of support to meet their child’s needs and difficulties (Special Educational Needs) and are often unsure how to tackle the problem or they may lack the confidence to be able to challenge the LEA.

We provide support and advice to parents with queries and complaints relating to:

  • Identification of your child’s Special Educational Needs
  • The School-based stages of SEN (i.e. getting your child on School Action)
  • Requesting a formal statutory assessment or your child
  • A Refusal to assess appeal at SENDIST
  • Refusal to issue a Statement o SEN appeal at SENDIST (including issuing a Note in Lieu)
  • A ‘health check’ of your child’s Statement
  • Appeals against Parts 2 and 3 of your child’s Statement at SENDIST
  • Refusal to change the name of the school in Part 4 of your child’s Statement at SENDIST
  • Refusal to re-assess appeal at SENDIST
  • ‘Cease to maintain’ appeals at SENDIST (where the Local Education Authority wishes to revoke your child’s existing Statement)
  • School transport queries/complaints
  • Annual review meetings (or interim reviews)
  • Formal complaints – including complaints against schools or LEAs via the Local Government Ombudsman or the Secretary of State (DCSF)
  • Bullying
  • School Attendance Orders
  • School exclusions

Please note that this list is not exhaustive as there are many possible queries or complaints that can arise in the SEN process.”

In particular we can provide such services and support as:

  • Initial advice on your query or complaint
  • Preparing the written parental case if you are appealing to the tribunal
  • Support in helping you to prepare your case
  • Representation at your tribunal hearing if you are appealing to the tribunal
  • General and moral support”

We support parents in their Disability Discrimination claims to the Special Educational Needs and Disability Panel (SEND) for education-related complaints, such as school exclusions and where there has been a failure to make reasonable adjustments.


Our fees for all work which falls into the above categories are like all our services charged to be as competitive as possible. The hourly rate that you will be charged is £130 plus vat.

However, unlike most solicitors or barristers we do not work 9 to 5 and will be able to talk and advise you in the same manner as we do for admission issues i.e. we will regularly be talking with parents at times convenient for you (such as 8pm in the evening) and at weekends.

Again our aim is to provide a top quality legal service, in manner that is customer and parent focused to meet your needs.


We are happy to have a no obligation discussion with you about your special educational need or other educational issue, so please call us on 01279 731 180.


We have put together a brief Tip Sheet for those parents that are researching SEN issues in respect of their children.

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