Representation Service

We recognise that some parents will want a full start to finish consultancy service which includes representation at your hearing.

For some parents undertaking a highly stressful appeal hearing by themselves is not something that they wish to do, and they require the assistance of a recognised and experienced professional at the hearing. We therefore are able to undertake all of the services which are outlined in the Coaching and Mentoring Service but add on full representation at your hearing.

To reiterate this service includes the following:

• Provision of detailed example appeal submissions relating to your type of appeal.
• Either full drafting or written review of your detailed appeal submission and evidence to support your appeal application i.e., your statement of case.
• Working with you on securing information and material from the school / admission authority to enable you to challenge the prejudice or capacity case that will be made against you.
• Pre appeal coaching session (this is a telephone call or Zoom session) which is very much a dress rehearsal of your appeal. In this session we will:

a) pose questions to you that might be asked by the Panel or Presenting Officer on the day of the hearing. (Not the most pleasant experience but exceptionally valuable for a parent!)
b) draft a written critique of the school case, advice/guidance and questions on how to challenge that on the day of the hearing.
c) ask you to run through your presentation which will be the dress rehearsal of when you provide the Appeal Panel with a summary of your case on the day of the hearing.
d) provide email and telephone support to you right through to the time of your hearing.

Coupled to this we will attend your face-to-face or online hearing with you and present some or all of your case.

Please bear in mind however, that our experience is that Appeal Panels will like parents to do at least some of the talking at the hearing so we will coach you on what to say and how to say it in addition to our input.

The costs for representation will vary based upon the type of case that you have and also where you are based in the country.

Again, as with the Coaching and Mentoring Service, a 1-2-1 session is useful before agreeing a full representation package with you but to give you an indication costs are likely to be between £995 to £1495. Drafting of your appeal submission material may result in an additional premium. 

If you require further information, please call us for a no obligation discussion on 01279 731 180 or 07908 242 098 and we can then provide you with a formal fixed price quotation. Alternatively use the ‘contact us’ button or send an email directly to:


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