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Now the UK's Premier School Appeals Consultancy and Legal Practice covering admissions, SEN, exclusions and other educational issues. .

The aim of School Appeals Services is to provide you with professional advice and assistance, utilising our expertise and years of experience, to help you navigate the legal and bureaucratic obstacles that you will face in the admissions appeal process. We have Associates in nearly all areas of the country with experience ranging from qualified solicitors and barristers, paralegals and parent advocates, to current Appeal Clerks working in the admissions field five days a week. We cover all aspects of education law ranging from admission issues, SEN matters, exclusions, educational negligence and other aspects of education law.

We publish the most up to date and comprehensive Parent Guide (130+ pages) available today on the subject of school admissions and school appeals. This Parent Guide has been revised to include the School Appeals Code of Practice 2012 and is updated on an annual basis to reflect changes in law and practice.

We also provide telephone or Skype / Facetime/ Zoom advice sessions. (Over 2000+ parents provided with specific guidance and advice, mentoring or coaching services and full representation advocacy services). Our success rate last year for the 150 parents that engaged us to represent them on the day was 79% compared with the national average of just under 25%. Also, unlike others, we do not cherry pick only the most winnable cases. Our service is highly competitive, very accessible (available 6 days a week) and costs are kept as low as possible to ensure that we help as many parents as possible. Not only are we reliable and up front about our experience, we have a string of parents willing to inform you of the high level of service that we provided to them. We are not some “here today, gone tomorrow” outfit, but a Limited Liability Partnership, with an established national reputation and a client base.

We cover Local Education Authority, Academy, Foundation, Free, Voluntary Aided, Voluntary Controlled, Faith and Selective (Grammar) Schools. Our service includes both Secondary and Primary Schools.

Call us on 01279 731 180 or 07908 242098 for a no obligation chat or explore the site.



March 2020 - As appeal hearings have been changed due to COVID 19, we have adapted our customer advice and practices, to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

February 2019 - The latest Parent Guide is launched now with over 150 pages and up-to-date including all legislations, Codes of Practice and relevant material. This is the most up-to-date School Admissions and Appeals book available anywhere!

January 2016 - School Appeal Services launches Facebook and Twitter sites, find us on:

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