1-2-1 Advice Session

We provide an individual and personal advice session over the course of an hour, where we can discuss your child’s personal circumstances and your potential appeal arguments / evidence.

This session can be undertaken via telephone or Zoom / Teams video meetings.

The consultation will be at a time convenient to you and unlike many other providers we are able to offer out of hours appointments i.e. evenings and weekends.

In advance of the session, you may wish to provide us with some initial ideas around your possible arguments by email which can be used as the basis of our discussion. This avoids us asking you lots of questions at the start of the session which eats into your time. We do not charge customers for our preparation time, only the time where we are advising you.

At your session, we will give you detailed legal advice and guidance on your case with a view to expanding on the reasons that you have provided and advising clearly on the evidence / other arguments that you can put forward as part of your case. The idea is that at the end of the session you have a ‘roadmap’ of what to focus on in your appeal submission / paperwork.

At the end of the session, we will provide you with an assessment of your chances of success at appeal based on our experience.

The cost of this consultation is £99.99, and this includes a copy of our Parent Guide which will also be forwarded to you – priced separately at £12.99.

After the session, we will also send you an information pack which will provide you with other ideas in terms of how to potentially challenge the arguments that will be put forward by the school / local authority at your hearing.

In terms of payment for the session you can use the payment button below and pay via PayPal or with credit card using this website. Once you have paid, please either email us or contact us by phone on 01279 731 180 to book the day / time of your session with us.

Alternatively, you can also pay by calling us on the above number and we can take a debit or credit card over the phone.

Lastly, since we have started advising parents, we have conducted in excess of 5000 1-2-1 consultations. Since 2012, we have asked all parents at the end of the 1-2-1 session whether they were satisfied and pleased with the advice that was provided and all (100%) of parents confirmed that this was the case.

However, we realise that for some parents a one hours consultation will not be enough and therefore we provide a range of other packages which are also detailed under the Our Services pages of the website.

Parent Guide and 1-2-1 – £99.99

Success story

Watch Mr J.C. Who won his appeal with our help having had a 121 session and Representation package.

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